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great opportunity for you....We are offering a $75 scholarship for those who register for the new course, Project Management Foundations and the Toolkit for Teachers course.  Upon successful completion, you will receive $75.  Register soon for this course. 

If your district is a part of a BOCES or CDLS, we are offering a special discount for taking one of the eNetLearning's courses. Contact carolyngardner@enetlearning.org for more information and for that discount code.  

eNetLearning provides collaboration, coaching and personalized learning through our professional learning courses. Take time to register.Are you needing hours for re-certification and would like to expand your knowledge, eNet is providing high quality courses for you and at the right price.  We will be offering courses in the area of blended learning, one to one, mobile devices, mobile learning, facilitating or educational leadership.  Graduate credit from Adams State University is available.  Click here to check these course offerings

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Learn to Create your Own Online Course Using the Moodle Platform

This self-paced, non-facilitated course is provided free of charge and as a service to teachers and districts by eNetLearning. We hope that it is useful as an online learning opportunity and supports your personal exploration on the topics covered/provided. 

Bullying and Harassment: Thin Line...Thin Ice

This is open to the public and especially designed for administrators and Title IX Coordinators. Centennial BOCES is proud to partner with the University of Colorado Bueno Center Equity Assistance Center, the Education Compliance Group, and Down to Earth Media in this educational opportunity for administrators and coordinators in districts across the state to address the issues of bullying and harassment. This project was partially funded by a grant through the Colorado Department of Public Safety.     




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    Course and Schedule Updates
    by Dan Morris-- eNet Dir. - Monday, July 23, 2018, 12:40 PM

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